Rose Extract 2-in-1 Conditioner (500ml)

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Bonnie Hyaluronic Acid Repairing 2-IN-1 Hair Conditioner 500ML Paraben Free, Silicone Free, SLS Free, Paraffin Free.


What 2-IN-1 Hair Conditioner?

>Hydrates the hair It allows the hair fibers to retain and seal moisture.

>Reduces frizziness Hyaluronic acid also helps to seal the cuticle prevents unwanted moisture that causes frizzy hair and curl shrinkage from entering it.

>Plumps the hair Hyaluronic acid could help plump up dry, damaged hair. This plumping effect could be used for added volume at the roots.

>Hydrates the scalp Hyaluronic acid benefits the hair strands and the scalp. Humectant molecules attract and bind moisture to the skin, allowing collagen to thrive in the skin and scalp. It can keep the scalp hydrated and prevent a dry scalp.

>Revitalizes high porosity hair Dry, damaged hair does not easily retain water but hyaluronic acid helps to fill in the cracks of the porous hair shaft and moisturize.