Dishwashing Liquid - Citrus (750ml)

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Product Information

Pipper Standard’s special pineapple enzyme-based, grease-cutting formula effectively removes grease stains and food odors while being gentle on your hands. Our Natural Dish Washing Liquid is free of known allergens, toxins, and, is non-irritation certified. The addition of natural essential oils will give your plates and pans a pleasing citrus scent.

Key Ingredients

Water, Fermented Fruit Fluid, Alkyl polyglycoside, Sodium citrate, Sodium lauryl sulfate (plant base), Glycerin, Sodium polyaspartate, Natural essential oil (Orange Oil, Lemon oil), Natural preservative

How to use

Step 1: Pump a small amount onto a sponge. Use as much as needed, depending on the number of dishes and grease level.
Step 2: Wash off with water